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Revolutionising Compact Living – The rise of light gauge steel in tiny house construction

In recent years, the concept of compact living has captured the imagination of individuals seeking a simpler, more sustainable way of living. Tiny houses, have become a popular choice for those who prioritise minimalism, affordability, and environmental sustainability. Whilst traditional building materials have long been associated with tiny house construction, the versatility and durability of light gauge steel is reshaping the landscape of compact living.

The Strength of Truecore Steel

At the core of lies the inherent strength of TRUECORE® steel. Unlike traditional wood framing, light gauge steel offers superior durability and resilience. It’s resistance to pests, fire, and decay makes TRUECORE® steel an ideal choice for constructing tiny houses that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also built to withstand the test of time.

Design Freedom and Precision

One of the key advantages of light gauge steel in tiny house construction is the design flexibility it provides. With precise 3D modeling technology, architects and builders can create intricate and innovative designs that maximize space utilisation. The precision of light gauge steel allows for tight tolerances, ensuring a seamless fit and finish.

Sustainable Building Practices

Light gauge steel’s eco-friendly characteristics make it a frontrunner in the quest for sustainable building practices. Made from recycled material and fully recyclable at the end of its life cycle, light gauge steel minimises environmental impact. Additionally, its longevity and resistance to wear reduce the need for frequent maintenance or replacements, further contributing to sustainable living.

Thermal Efficiency

Beyond its structural advantages, light gauge steel provides excellent thermal efficiency. This is crucial for maintaining a comfortable living environment in tiny homes. With proper insulation, light gauge steel structures can significantly reduce energy consumption, making them an energy-efficient choice.

Efficient Construction Process

The efficiency of constructing tiny houses with light gauge steel is undeniable. The lightweight nature of the material facilitates quicker assembly, translating into shorter construction times. This not only reduces labor costs but also allows homeowners to move into their tiny abodes much sooner.

The Future of Tiny Living

As the tiny house movement continues to gain momentum, the role of light gauge steel in shaping the future of compact living cannot be ignored. It’s unique combination of strength, design flexibility, sustainability, and efficiency positions light gauge steel as a frontrunner in the evolution of tiny house construction.

Tiny house frame produced and installed by DSF's Production team in only 4 hours
Tiny house frame produced and installed by DSF’s Production team in only 4 hours

In summary, the rise of light gauge steel in the construction of tiny houses represents a pivotal milestone in the exploration of innovative and sustainable living solutions. Additionally, with the increasing desire for small, environmentally friendly homes, TRUECORE® steel’s light gauge steel stands as a beacon of durability and design excellence.

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The year that was 2023!

As another year comes to a close and we get ready for the year to follow, let’s look back on the highlights from 2023.


This past year we have yet again completed a wide array of projects. From large townhouse developments through to high-end residential and commercial builds.

Some of the townhouse developments completed include

Project Bordeaux

Dynamic Steel frame provided both light gauge and structural steel for Project Bordeaux by Elation Homes. A high-end build on Neville street, Bentleigh.

This build showcases the advantages of using light gauge steel in high-end projects, specifically referring to the undeniably straight walls, magnificent curved details and large open spaces.

Latest Innovation

This year Dynamic Steel Frame introduced a new product to the light gauge steel industry. Hyperspan™ systems, a lighweight beam and flooring system developed to replace bulky structural steel. Hyperspan’s strength to weight ratio is second to none.

Hyperspan™ has become a popular framing choice on high volume townhouse sites. Many builders favour the efficiency an durability that technology guarantees.

Hyperspan flooring system
Hyperspan™ flooring system installed on-site for a new
townhouse development in Williamstown

“The feedback from our clients and installers has been extremely positive. The desired effect of increased on-site productivity, production speeds and reduced raw material usage has been achieved.”

Peter Blythe – Managing Director


In August managing director Peter Blythe and the team at Dynamic Steel Frame were recognised for our ongoing dedication and involvement in the light gauge steel manufacturing industry, at the 21st Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame Awards gala dinner.

Although Dynamic Steel Frame didn’t take out the first prize, being top three in the state amongst some pretty tough competition is something to be proud of.

Peter Blythe and some of the team from Dynamic Steel Frame

“As a business owner, I’m incredibly proud of our team, who perform at the top of their game day in, day out. Watching their development is a constant source of pride and motivation for me, and it’s incredibly rewarding to see how far we have come in just 11 years”

Peter Blythe – Managing Director

Australia’s Favourite Renovation Show

Season 19 of Australia’s favourite renovation show, managing director Peter Blythe returned with TRUECORE® steel for this years retro renovations on Charming Street, Hampton.

Framing the studio and second storey additions with TRUECORE® steel and assisting contestants in utilising TRUECORE® steel throughout the building process.

This year was all about the curves. Curves over beds, curved air conditioning ductwork & coved ceilings. Creating these architectural additions in light gauge steel ensures that the lines are laser straight.

Peter Blythe seen on the block explaining adjustable noggins to the contestants of house 3

Trade Night

In September, Dynamic Steel Frame and Ideal Fasteners held a trade night in conjunction with TRUECORE® steel and NASH to introduce our latest technologies and innovations to the light gauge industry.

Showcasing our recently produced brick piers for a façade project with Cobild, BIM 3D models and our latest innovation Hyperspan™.

This night was a great opportunity for clients to see how utilising these new products in their next build can take their projects to the next level.

The team at Dynamic Steel Frame would like to thank all of our clients, friends and supporters for another fantastic year. We are excited to see what 2024 has install for us all, and cant wait for the incredible projects ahead.

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Inside look into DSF’s production

Where we started to where we are now.

Dynamic Steel Frame is Victoria’s leading independent light gauge steel framing manufacturer and recognised globally as a leader in the field.

DSF began when director Peter Blythe identified a gap in the market for light gauge steel. There was demand for product but a distinct lack in production capacity. Starting with one man and a machine, growing over the years, to where we are today.

We manufacture for all segments of the building industry including commercial, residential, medium density, modular, social housing, bespoke homes, façades, and even tiny houses. Builders appreciate the BIM / Digital Twin approach to design enabling the designs to be ironed out before manufacture, resulting in reduced rework on site, fewer trades and faster erection times.

Combining design and engineering software with an automated rollformer to produce wall frames, roof trusses, floor joists and panels quickly and accurately. With our extensive experience and unmatched knowledge base we offer innovative solutions to your challenges.

The team at Dynamic Steel Frame pride themselves on impeccable, robust and fully compliant designs, customer service and industry knowledge.

Creating complex award-winning designs using innovative, cutting-edge technologies, the company has driven industry development and played a major role in the evolution of consumer embracement of using light gauge steel in the building process. Proudly Australian owned, supplied and manufactured, Dynamic Steel Frame is providing a Lighter. Straighter. Better. way to build.

If you can imagine it, we can build it.

DSF’s Operations

We currently operate the following machines and steel gauges:

Machines Operating

  • 4 x 89mm
  • 3 x 75mm
  • 1 x 140mm
  • 1 x 200-350mm

Steel Gauges

  • 0.75 -1.6mm
  • 1.2 – 2.4mm

Our production team has worked on various sized jobs, from tiny homes to large scale townhouse developments and facade’s.

Morwell Goverment Hub module render

Dynamic Steel Frame was apart of a ground breaking project, producing 18 light gauge steel modules each spanning 8m wide & 15m high and requiring over 3 tonne of Truecore steel. Contain the worlds largest light gauge steel facade modules, this project went on to win the Victorian Steel Excellence Award for steel clad structures in 2020.

How do you manage client expectations and ensure we deliver on time?

Ensuring our clients time frames are met is extremely important to us as a company. We work closely with external crane truck services where required whilst also utilising our own crane truck and driver, this helps us achieve customers delivery targets to the best of our ability.

Alvin – Production Manager

Since the arrival of the deep c machine (Bertha) how has this helped with production of flooring systems?

Since the arrival of our Hyperspan machine, production of floor members is a lot quicker with less man power required. Bertha produces approximately 4 townhouses worth of floor systems a day with 2 people, in comparison to 2 townhouses a day with 4 people. That said, productivity has increase dramatically since.

Alvin – Production Manager

How has the implementation of mission control been a game changer for production?

Implementing Mission Control into Dynamic Steel Frame has dramatically impacted production. As a rapidly growing business, Mission Control empowers us to effectively manage projects, foster transparency, and accommodate future growth. It’s integration with Salesforce provides a unified customer view, cross-departmental transparency, and scalability for our expanding operations. Making the change to Mission Control has caused greater customer satisfaction and has been immensely helpful for all staff when scheduling deliveries and staff requirements.

Tasha – Business Administration Manager

In ensuring frames are good to go prior to rolling, what processes are implemented?

Before the frames are sent into production for rolling, we take a look through the 3D generated model and frame drawings to ensure there are no clashing members and the dimensions specified on the detailed plans are actually achievable. We also must ensure that the frames will be safe for transport before being produced. If the frames don’t work, a quick query with the detailer of that project will help us come up with an alternative solution. By double checking everything prior to rolling this reduces the likely hood of variations due to detailer errors and slowing down production times.

Alvin – Production Manager

If an issue comes up during the production of frames, how do you go about rectifying this?

The main issues that arise is the machine breaking down, putting a halt on production. Fortunately this is addressed almost immediately and fixed by the team if possible. Depending on the urgency of the job that was rolling through, we may move production of those frames onto another machine.

Alvin – Production Manager

What does the future of production at Dynamic Steel Frame look like to you?

As we figure out the nuances behind production of flooring joists on our newest hyperspan machine, we can see most of the floor joist production going to that machine. This allows us to produce more product in a shorter time frame.

And with construction timber prices to remain high all the way to July 2024, according to Lumber futures contracts, steel is only getting more price competitive against timber, as steel prices seem to be holding steady at the moment.

With the new machine taking up the brunt of the production load of flooring members, we can concentrate on more wall and truss jobs. It is quite exciting as there is a massive shortage of housing at the moment, and knowing that steel will inevitably come to occupy a larger part of this market means DSF will be getting quite busy, very soon.

Alvin – Production Manager

If you are looking to use light gauge steel framing made from TRUECORE® steel for your next project, contact the team at Dynamic Steel Frame to get your project underway.

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Amara Townhouses: Alvina St, Oakleigh

Amara Townhouses, Oakleigh is one of the neatest sites we’ve been on. This 96, 3 story townhouse development is on its way to completion.

Check out the progress this site has made since our first flight back in April 2022. With stages 3 and 4 of this build now nearing completion.

What we love at Dynamic Steel Frame is the precision we are able to achieve using our industry best practice design and development process, rigid adherence to robust engineering principles and an undying passion for creating frames as efficiently as possible.

Peter Blythe – Managing Director

DSF’s detailer Minh, worked with the client to ensure expectations of this project were met, both in timeframe and also design. Below he speaks further on how this was achieved.

What did you enjoy about detailing this project?

Being the main detailer for this project was a great experience. I love seeing my frame designs gradually take shape on site stage by stage. It always amazes me seeing the transformation from 3D model to then becoming a reality on the empty block of land with the variable designs throughout the 96 houses.

Minh – Detailer

Were there any issue’s you came across in the detailing process? How did you overcome this?

There were 2 main issue’s I had with this project

  1. Sometimes the frames are installed incorrectly on site due to so many similar designs. Unfortunately mistakes are made when the wrong layout is used for that particular lot, or dimensions are misread on the plans. In some cases, installers forget to install beams or blocking in between joists to support above load bearing walls. To solve this problem – a report from building surveyor will tells us which part of the building has not been installed as per plan provided by DSF. If something relates to our design or engineering, I have to contact our engineer to get their advice and re-detail that particular part to suit on site condition.
  2. Changing of original plans after finalisation of the design and stamp drawing from engineer (for example : adding additional windows/relocating doors/adding a roof hot water system / changing dimensions from architectural plan). For this issue, I was required to re-detail to suit clients request and provide them a numerical plan. This particular job went through 5-6 design changes before it was finalised.
Minh – Detailer

Were you able to meet client expectations?

Yes, one of the biggest expectations from the builder was to complete all 96 house (approx. 20 different designs) within 3-4 months. I was able to finish the design milestones earlier than expect. This included last minute design changes. 

Minh – Detailer

Are there any design features that stood out to you?

Yes , the design of Lot 52-56. It is an amazing design from the architect and DSF was able to achieve the design needs. A special portal frame has been used to achieve this design and ensure the structural integrity of the building. The portal frame lands on LGS to support a portion of flooring on level 2 (see photo below)

Minh – Detailer

Also hear from Tarik, Director from CNS who installed Dynamic’s frames on-site for this project and Project Manager Chris from Balmain & Co.

How has working with DSF’s frames on the Amara project been?

Extremely well designed and easy to install correctly and to engineers specifications.

Tarik- Director of CNS steel framing

What advantages does steel framing provide when constructing townhouse developments, specifically Amara?

The speed in which blocks of multiple townhouses can be erected. Additionally, the accuracy we can provide onsite to the original designs and scope.

Tarik- Director of CNS steel framing

How does DSF’s approach to BIM 3D modelling assist your team onsite when erecting our steel frames?

Whenever we come across a semi-complex connection that we have to get right, we cross check our installation method with the layouts, elevations and BIM 3D models.

Tarik- Director of CNS steel framing

Was DSF able to meet your project’s time frame?

In stage 1 (lots 3 – 20) we had some issues receiving frames when requird however this was early 2022 and labour issues were severly affecting the construction industry. From lots 21 – 96 there were no issues receiving deliveries when required

Chris – Project Manager, Balmain & Co

What benefits does steel framing provide when constructing a townhouse development?

Less mess, lighter frames, straighter walls. 

Chris – Project Manager, Balmain & Co

Were there issues that arose during the project? How was the team at DSF able to provide a positive result to the issue?

On a few occasions incorrect detailing resulted in issues on site. Dynamic either promptly sent new frames or accepted the costs for rectification works to be carried out on their behalf. 

Chris – Project Manager, Balmain & Co
Flight 1
Flight 2
Flight 3
Flight 4

Render vs Reality

What you see is what you get!

Here at Dynamic Steel Frame, our detailers take pride in being able to produce accurate BIM models of each project.

These digital twins of your project drastically reduce the chance of on-site errors. We’d even go as far as to say, eliminates them.

Sure, if the slab isn’t right, adjustments need to be made. But with set-out technology progressing as fast as it is, slab problems are becoming harder to justify.

Thus ensuring all details are reviewed thoroughly prior to manufacturing through BIM technology, limiting any issues that may arise.

What is BIM modelling?

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the process of creating and managing information for a built asset. These 3D models allow the discovery of construction related problems prior to erection on-site.

What are the benefits of creating 3D models?

Creating 3D models ensures we do not miss anything prior to construction. These models provide clients with a visual representation of exactly what they can expect on-site. They also allow us to take the client through their project and help not only them but us as the detailer understand what works and what doesn’t.

Michael – Detailer

In what ways do 3D models benefit our clients?

3D models have many benefits for the client.
In the design stage, clients can review and imagine how their project will look in real life before the steel frames are fabricated. When the frames arrive on site, the 3D models bring an advantage in terms of visualisation and helps the installer better understand the overall project reducing the chance of errors.

Johnny – Detailer

How does 3D modelling reduce onsite errors?

3D modeling gives an overall idea of how light gauge steel and structural elements should be connected plus how the walls and trusses should be installed. Hence minimising onsite error. For example, if a wall or joist needs to be flipped/mirrored to its correct orientation mainly due to design intent and/or services run. 3D modeling facilitates the process of installation on-site and avoids unnecessary rectification. Before construction, if installers have a 3D model on hand, it will help them to understand the project thoroughly and foresee things that could be a problem to their work.

Dai – Detailer

How does creating 3D models help you as a detailer?

3D models give everyone involved an angle of the project that can’t be seen from plans & elevations.
We can ensure before anything is produced that everything lines up and fits nicely with minimal tolerance.
Details can be shown from any angle, problems of aspects that weren’t thought of can arise from these but also solutions that aren’t always standard can be found.
Details can be explained and also gone through in great detail before site so everyone has a clear picture of the final product. Builders can sometimes answer their own questions when it comes to the installation process by viewing the model on-site. Overall these models give a clear picture of the design intent and are often invaluable to the installation and completion of a project.

Travis – Detailer

How has BIM modelling improved the construction & manufacturing industry?

The introduction of BIM modeling has revolutionised our industry.
From the outside looking in, there is only so much you can gather from a set of 2D construction plans, no matter how detailed they are. From my perspective as a detailer, being able to have a digital twin of the finished product allows us to get the build near millimeter perfect. Cross-referencing has never been easier and it also is a great tool to explain or showcase what we have been working on to clients. It gives them great confidence knowing that their desired outcome can be seen right before they step onto site.

Roupen – Detailer

With details confirmed prior to manufacturing light gauge steel frames make for ease when it comes to installation, some would even say it’s as easy as putting together a Meccano set. With the use of our 3D (BIM) models, we drastically reduce the chances of on-site errors, saving additional time and costs for your project.

Childcare Render vs Reality

Marathon Boulevard, Craigieburn

Highlands Early Learning Center

Orbost community college - Render vs Reality

Arnold Street, Orbost

Community College

“We turn architectural intent, into structural reality”

Peter Blythe – Managing Director

If you are looking to use light gauge steel framing made from TRUECORE® steel for your next project, contact the team at Dynamic Steel Frame to get your project underway.

Phone: 03 9701 7342

Light gauge steel takes new heights!

Dynamic Steel Frame’s talented detailers and manufacturing team came together to create the first ever light gauge steel X-Wing fighter this year for may the 4th.

The X-Wing was then sent out for flight on the day!

Check out the video below!

Introducing HYPERSPAN!

Hyperspan is a revolutionary new addition to the steel fabrication sector. This ultra-lightweight Dynamic Steel Frame product is specially engineered to replace heavy structural steel elements. Ideal for lightweight builds, the Hyperspan frame’s unique design makes it the strongest lightweight option available on the market.

Image of the inner workings of the hyperspan machine at Dynamic steel frame

We custom fabricate our Hyperspan product in our factory using the most advanced framing system available in the world. Combining design and engineering software and an automated roll former, our Hyperspan strength to weight ratio is second to none.

Our lightweight steel beam and flooring system is the perfect replacement for bulky structural steel. Its sturdy composition reduces the demand for large volumes of structural steel commonly used in commercial and residential projects.  The result is a reduction in installation times due to its easy handling and removal of rigging and welding requirements.

Hyperspan is a popular framing choice on high volume townhouse sites. Many builders favour the efficiency and durability that technology guarantees.

Hyperspan is both lightweight and high strength. Our flooring system and can be used on both ground and multi-level floors of commercial and residential builds.

Hyperspan is quick and easy to install reducing onsite labour costs and is customisable for each individual project.

Manufactured with flared pre-punched service holes Hyperspan allows for services including plumbing and electrical to be installed without modifications or damages from sharp edges.

Hyperspan is specially engineered to replace heavy structural steel elements, increasing site productivity and lessening environmental impact. This lightweight beam is the solution to the LVL shortage. 

With spans of up 7.5 meters long, Hyperspan serves as the longest spanning system in Victoria.

Wanna reduce bulky structural steel elements?

Call the team to discuss how you can utilise Hyperspan in your next project.

Phone: 03 9701 7342


Light Gauge Steel – Cyclone Strong

There is a reason steel frames are emerging as the way of the future for the construction industry. The rigidity, strength and customisation of steel frames have made them the material of choice for all framing needs.

The below images show the impact caused by Tropical cyclone Ilsa, when winds of 288km/h ripped through the Pardoo Roadhouse in Western Australia. Fortunately the frames were left standing. This demonstrates how durable a light gauge steel frame is. If this building had been constructed out of timber frames, you can almost guarantee there would be nothing left standing. Causing the rebuild process to cost more than it would if you use light gauge steel frames.

Damage to the Pardoo roadhouse after cyclone Ilsa tore through WA.

Benefits to using light gauge steel:

  • Disaster resistant – Your building will remain a quality piece of architecture even through the toughest natural elements. Steel is completely non-combustible material, so your frames won’t burn, char or contribute to the spread of a fire. It’s also coated in a zinc-aluminium alloy to resist rusting. After a bush fire, steel frames can be the difference between fixing your building or having to rebuild entirely.
  • Unlike timber, steel frames are 100% termite proof. No termite treatment or ongoing maintenance required.
  • Engineered light gauge steel will not rot, warp, twist, bow or shrink over time, so your frame will always look as good as the day it was installed.
  • Steel is the environmental building choice. It’s completely recyclable, although this is rarely required given its infinite lifespan

Why choose Dynamic Steel Frame?

A Dynamic Steel Frame’s wall frame is durable, accurate and incredibly strong. In fact, our TRUECORE® steel features one of the highest strength to weight ratios of any conventional building product. Plus, it comes with a 50 year corrosion warranty from BlueScope Steel*.

 We combine superior design, engineering software and automated roll formers to produce steel framing with the strength and performance which is unmatched by conventional wood framing systems.

Over time, your building retains the same superb quality it was delivered with, eliminating upkeep and maintenance costs. What’s more, large span of LGS allows for greater creative freedom when designing your building, compared to timber.

So when your looking for high quality light gauge steel frames for your next build. Call the team to discuss.

Phone: 03 9701 7342

Nuville Court, Mt Eliza

Dynamic Steel Frame detailed and manufactured the frames for this recent project at Nuville Court, Mt Eliza.

This residential build showcases the beauty and ease of using light gauge steel frames.

DSF’s detailer Michael, worked closely with the client. Ensuring communication was maintained throughout the project to establish the best outcome on site.

Nuville Court showcases Dynamic Steel Frame’s residential steel frame service. Producing a precise, durable and robust metal house frame from the ground up.

Below both the client and detailer speak on their overall views of the project. From their favourite aspects of the project, to the hurdles they faced during the design process and how they were able to overcome these.

Detailer Notes:

What is your favourite design feature?

My favorite design feature is the cathedral / rafter roof which was designed to blend in through the split-level roof lines which once finished, will look amazing.

Michael – Detailer

What did you enjoy about detailing this project?

I really enjoyed detailing this job. Designing the cathedral roof, attics in roof space and figuring out wall height’s due to the split levels. Peter made the process of this job easy. With every bump we came across, we sat down and fixed it. It always comes with great pleasure to help our clients build their dream home for their family.

Michael – Detailer

Were there any difficulties that you came across during the detailing process? How did you overcome this?

The most difficult design aspect to this project was the roof over the stair area. I worked alongside our engineer, trying to tie this in to match the roof lines and coming up with a solution that would not only give the client (Peter) what he really wanted from this area but put a huge smile on his face with how amazing it looked in the 3D model.

Michael – Detailer

How did you manage client expectations?

Communication. Communication was a big part to this job as it is in every job we take on. I thank Peter, for not only understanding the prosses, but understanding when things had to be altered. And because of this we were able to achieved every expectation of his dream home.

Michael – Detailer
Nuville Court, Mt Eliza

Client Notes:

How was DSF able to meet the architectural intent of your design?

DSF took on the challenge to build my multi split level house, they were confident they could achieve this build with minimal Structural Steel which they did. The design has extensive cathedral and pitched rafter roofs which were required to blend in through the split level roof lines which they got perfect. Another great feature they were able to complete upon request was extensive attic space within the truss’s to house the projects mechanical system and gain further storage space.   

Peter – Owner builder

Were there any issues that arose during the detailing process? How was DSF able to overcome this?

During the detailing process we became aware of multiple design ceiling height issues, DSF managed to work through these with their engineer to ensure the final product was what we wanted. Further to this, the detailer worked hand in hand with us to make sure all the finer details worked such as inwall toilet systems, vanity mirror nooks, studs correctly aligned for plumbing fixtures, stud setouts for weatherboards taken into consideration, this list could go on.

Peter – Owner builder

Was DSF able to meet your project’s timeframe?

From detailing through to production and final delivery, DSF hit all timelines promised. I was extremely impressed on how well the final delivery process went. We worked together to split the project up into separate delivery bundles that worked for the stages I wanted installed onsite. With deliveries coming on time, it made for a smooth process, allowing us to utilize the delivery crane to get these in the most beneficial location.   

Peter – Owner builder

Why did you choose to use light gauge steel framing for this project?

Lighter. Straighter. Better… Long term, maintenance free house.

Peter – Owner builder

A home built from a Dynamic Steel Frame represents the future of house framing. Over time, your house retains the same superb quality it was delivered with, reducing upkeep and maintenance costs.

If you are looking to use light gauge steel framing made from TRUECORE® steel for your next project, contact the team at to get your project underway.

Watch as this project takes shape from start to the final stages of framing. Encapsulating the beauty of a TRUECORE® steel house frame.