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The most impressive pieces of building design stem from the quality that you can’t see – the frame at its very core. For a high-end product that will endure as a lasting piece of architectural excellence, you can’t beat a light gauge steel (LGS) frame.

Steel frames are known for the precision and straight lines they provide. Unlike other materials, they can also be manufactured to achieve amazing curves.

Dynamic Steel Frame’s dedicated team love working with our clients to find solutions for their unique designs. We work in collaboration with you to create a one-of-a-kind building that lasts.

If you’re looking to deliver a unique, high end design, there is no better option than a light gauge steel frame.

Why Steel for High End Construction?

A light gauge steel frame is the ideal choice to elevate your high-end build from its core out. When you build with a LGS frame, you’re receiving the highest quality product available on the market. Here’s why progressive builders are choosing to use steel for their high-end frames:

  • No design constraints – with blue steel framing, you aren’t restricted by the same architectural constraints that timber provides. LGS frames are one of the only framing materials capable of delivering unconventional roof lines, curved walls and highly individualised layouts.
  • Unrivalled precision – Dynamic Steel Frame’s world class engineering and design systems allow us to manufacture our LGS frames with the highest level of precision. Steel offers entirely flush connections and accurate tolerances within the 10ths of a millimetre.
  • Disaster resistant – your high-end home will remain a quality piece of architecture even through the toughest natural elements. Steel is completely non-combustible material, so your metal house frames won’t burn, char or contribute to the spread of a fire. It’s also coated in a zinc-aluminium alloy to resist rusting.
  • Add value – Steel frames are longer lasting than timber frames, and hence add value to your property. Long term costs are also reduced due to steels resistance to warping, shrinking, rot, and termites.

Why Dynamic Steel Frame

A high-end construction project demands a quality service from fabrication through to installation. Dynamic Steel Frame utilises TRUECORE® steel and a world leading manufacturing process to provide the most superior metal house frames on the market. The Dynamic Steel Frame difference is:

  • A dedicated team backed by years of industry experience delivering award-winning steel frames of the highest calibre.
  • An end-to-end offering of the most advanced steel frames available. We can pre-fabricate everything from your floor joists to your wall frames and roof trusses, completely customised to your design demands.
  • Solution-focused advice to optimise the outcome of your high-end project.
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