Aged Care

Constructing an aged care facility is a task that can be both complex and substantial. The core structure of the building must be specialised to meet the specific needs of its inhabitants. Light gauge steel (LGS) allows provisions for the specialty requirements of aged-care buildings, including structure ramps, larger windows and extra-wide doors and hallways.

Dynamic Steel Frames has proven experience in the aged care sector. We have delivered a range of frames and pre-fabricated sections to produce high quality, durable aged care facilities across Victoria.

In addition to the layout specifications, blue steel framing for aged care must meet additional safety requirements. Non-combustibility is critical and, of course, steel is non-combustible.

All corridor steel wall frames include double noggins to support handrails. Each piece of structural steel manufactured by Dynamic Steel Frame is engineered to meet the new fire rating requirements for all new aged cares built.

We can accommodate a large-scale framing request, or provide pre-fabricated sections as required to complete your aged care project.

Why Steel Wall For Aged Care?

There’s a number of reasons steel framing makes an ideal solution to commercial aged care developments. Here’s why builders rely on TRUESCOPE steel for a premium grade structure:

  • Safety – steel is 100% non-combustible, so it will need contribute to the spread of a fire. Not only is this a key safety requirement of aged care, it offers ultimate peace of mind for its vulnerable inhabitants.
  • Durable – when you build with a LGS frame, you’ll be receiving a structure capable of enduring decades of wear. Our engineered steel will never rot, warp, sag, or give way to termites.
  • Customisable – steel opens the door to infinite design possibilities. Unusual shaped buildings, ramp requirements and bespoke layouts can be easily attained thanks to our advanced engineering capabilities.

Why Dynamic Steel Frame

When selecting a manufacturer of quality steel frames, why settle for anything less than the best? Our team can deliver cost effective framing solutions that come with the added benefit of:

  • Fast turnarounds – our advanced fabrication system allows for fast turnaround on frame production. When paired with the simple manoeuvrability of our lightweight frames and trusses, assembly times are slashed.
  • An experienced and reliable team of experts who understand the importance of accuracy and efficiency on large scale builds, such as an aged care facility. We deliver solution focused advice to any challenges you may encounter.
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