Transportable Buildings

Transportable buildings are designed and built to be moveable rather than permanently located. A transportable building is a great housing solution for those who live in remote areas seeking an advanced structure. The ability to be relocated, reused and repurposed are innate qualities of these building, and so their design must be versatile.

At Dynamic Steel Frame we believe that using steel is simply the best way to build transportable and factory-built homes. Our engineered light gauge steel (LGS) packs an incredible strength to weight ratio, allowing for greater spans with reduced bulk. The outcome is a layout that can be deeply personalised to your specific needs, without being constrained by weight bearing.

Constructing your transportable building with a LGS frame will produce a far quicker turn around than a timber frame. We can prefabricate your entire structure and have it delivered, fully assembled, to your destination.

Dynamic Steel Frame product is engineered with incredible durability. This way you can take your structure with you for a lifetime, without ever compromising its structure.

Why Steel for Transportable Building Frames?

Steel is a superior framing option for any residential or commercial build. However, it’s particularly suited to meeting the specific demands of a transportable home. Here’s why we rely on LGS for transportable building frames:

  • Lightweight – the most obvious benefit of a moveable metal house frame is its reduced bulk and weight. Steel ways 50% less than timber, making it far easier to pick up and transport than a convention wood structure.
  • Zero waste – steel is the most recycled product in the world. Constructing your temporary home steel frame is a zero waste process and will not create any site mess.
  • Incredibly strong – strength and durability are crucial to the lifespan of your portable structure. The rigidity of steel and the precision of its joinery ensure your home withstands the stressors of transport without a single sign of wear.
  • Flexible design – temporary buildings can serve several purposes, from an office to a home and even a classroom. To accommodate such diverse needs, their design must be adaptable. Steel offers incredible customisation with layout and appearance, particularly when compared to timber.
  • Dimensionally perfect, every time, to ensure total repeatability.

Why Dynamic Steel Frame

With an extensive background in fabricating temporary buildings, Dynamic Steel Frame is one of Melbourne’s most trusted providers of LGS framing. In addition to the highest quality steel frames, we provide:

  • Industry backed knowledge of steel frame best practice and a world leading manufacturing system of LGS frames.
  • Combining design and engineering software with an automated rollformer we can produce complete temporary building solutions – including wall frames, roof trusses, floor joists and panels – quickly and accurately.
  • A deeply personalised approach to frame fabrication – if you can imagine it, we can build it.
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