Light Gauge Steel is an engineered product, not an organic one. Being engineered means movement over time is eliminated, as a steel frame will not settle like other products.

BlueScope Steel, a quality-accredited producer to the appropriate National Standard Specifications, produces TRUECORE® steel in a Light Gauge Steel (LGS) Frame Solutions frame. The components are precision manufactured and assembled to very tight tolerances using advanced techniques. Dynamic Steel Frame uses the most advanced framing system available in the world today, combining design and engineering software and an automated roll former to produce frames, trusses and joists quickly and accurately. Strength and performance are engineered into the frame, allowing Dynamic Steel Frame to provide the best possible product to its customers.

No, the steel is hot dipped in an aluminium, zinc and magnesium alloy. Preventing rust from occuring.

Our Truecore®steel is purchased from an Australian manufacturer. This steel is the market leader and is a high quality, recycled light gauge steel.

Our estimating team work hard to provide you with pricing in a timely manner. If you send your plans to sales@dynamicsteelframe.com.au they will let you know when you can expect a price. On average it will take 2 weeks.

Supply lead times vary based on project size. Please contact us to confirm what the current lead time is.

No, we do not install frames. We can provide a list of installers that we recommend.

Our lightweight steel comes in two widths; 75mm and 89mm.

Our detailers are highly skilled and will build your project in 3D on the screen before we manufacure your frames. They will capture your vision and make sure that everything is correct before we produce a single steel frame.

Yes, we can supply the structural components to your project. Our detailer may be able to dramatically reduce the amount of structural steel required, saving you time and money!

Please call the office on 03 9701 7342
Someone in our team can help you and discuss your options.

Yes, we have a solution to fire rate our product and our detailers work on each project to ensure this is met.

  • Step One: Estimating
  • Step Two: Confirm order and pay deposit
  • Step Three: Detailing
  • Step Four: Production
  • Step Five: Delivery to site

There are so many advantages to using steel. LIGHTER. STRAIGHTER. BETTER. sums it up!

Absolutely, let us know the size of your project and we will send you a list of people who have recently completed similar projects with us.

Please call our team on 03 9701 7342 or email sales@dynamicsteelframe.com.au and we will be happy to help.

Contact us now to discuss your upcoming project and how we can save you time and money.