Roof Trusses

Dynamic Steel Frame’s premium steel roof trusses are the ultimate choice for durable, easy to instal roofing. Dynamic Steel Frame are Melbourne’s leading providers in high quality steel trusses.

We produce our steel roof trusses using TRUECORE® Light Gauge Steel and advanced design software and specialised machinery. Our world class systems ensure you always receive steel roof trusses of the highest standard.

Customisable to a range of architectural configurations and accurate down to a single millimetre, steel provides an unsurpassed level of finish to any project.

Steel is 50% of the weight of timber, making it incredibly easy to transport, lift and manoeuvre. Its lightweight yet rigid composition allows for greater spans with less material. These impressive strength-to-weight ratios open the door to an almost infinite array of design options.

Dynamic Steel Frame roof trusses are long spanning and light to install. The flexibility of our software and the skill level of our details makes for light work of any truss design. We offer the option of in-plane for short spans, or back-to-back for long spans

If flexibility and durability are a priority for your roof frame, you can’t beat ours.

Why Steel Roof Trusses?

Steel roof trusses provide many benefits to both the builder and the occupant. If you’re looking for a reason to choose steel for your next roof trussing project, consider the following:

  • Non-combustible – steel’s 100% non-combustibility drastically reduces the amount of combustible material in the roof, greatly enhancing the safety of any structure.
  • Lightweight – the metal’s lightweight formula makes it a dream to transport and install. Weighing almost half that of timber, steel trusses can be lifted into place using a single hand.
  • Rigid – despite its lightness, steel offers remarkable rigidity, increasing span and reducing the need for bulk in the roof.
  • Flexible – we manufacture all trusses to your design requirements to provide impeccable accuracy and design freedom to achieve the structure of your dreams.

Why Dynamic Steel Frame

As Melbourne’s leading provider of steel framing solutions, your project will always begin with the most durable, precise foundation possible. When choosing Dynamic Steel Frame, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • We aren’t afraid to push the bounds of conventional builds, offering you the freedom to achieve a design free from constraints.
  • Enjoy reduced trades on-site quick installation times with our bespoke product delivered pre-fabricated and ready to install in a breeze.
  • Our team of quality steel manufacturers have a depth of experience across all sectors of the building and construction industry. We’re on hand to ensure your project is delivered on schedule and under budget.
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