Dynamic Steel Frame offers end-to-end steel framing solutions for the residential sector’s every need. We utilise a world class manufacturing process to engineer durable light gauge steel (LGS) framing from BlueScope’s TRUECORE® steel.

Our residential steel frame service can produce a precise, durable and robust metal house frame from the ground up. From steel floor joists, wall frames and roof trusses, through to innovative facades and balustrades. Dynamic Steel Frame has produced a wide range of frames for residential builds, from complex duplex and townhouses builds, to high-end boutique houses.

A home built from a Dynamic Steel Frame represents the future of house framing. Our expert engineering and precise design delivers a home that will not burn; is termite, borer, and fungus-proof; and it will not shrink or warp.

Over time, your house retains the same superb quality it was delivered with, reducing upkeep and maintenance costs. What’s more, large span of LGS allows for greater creative freedom when designing your home, when compared to timber. Plaster and cornice cracking is drastically reduced, as a steel house frame never settles like a wood frame. Once installed, it never moves.

As Melbourne’s most advanced provider of residential framing, Dynamic Steel Frame is the only LGS frame manufacturer in Australia to have produced a four-storey apartment structure.

Why Steel for Residential?

There is a reason steel frames are emerging as the way of the future for house frames. The superb standard of a Dynamic Steel Frame house frame offers long term piece of mind and quality. With a LGS house frame, you’re guaranteed a home that with:

  • Improved finish – the precision of a steel frame means walls, ceilings and roofs do not have ripples or bumps in them and there’s not a single sign of ‘nail pops’ in the plasterboard linings.
  • Enduring quality – steel is one of the most durable building materials available. Unlike timber, a steel house frame will never warp, shrink, rot or settle over time. As a result, you’ll also experience less instances of doors and windows sticking as your home ages.
  • Termite resistance – almost a third of Australian houses currently have some form of termite activity. Steel is 100% termite proof – it will never attract or hold termites – so the primary base of your home will remain in impeccable shape for decades to come.
  • Fire resistance – wood framed homes are extremely susceptible to fire and extreme heat damage. On the other hand, a metal house frame is non-combustible. In the instance of a bush fire or house fire, steel framing can mean the difference between repairing your home or having to rebuild entirely.

Why Dynamic Steel Frame

Dynamic Steel Frame has been delivering its signature residential framing innovation across Melbourne for over 9 years. When you embark on your residential project with Dynamic Steel Frame, you’re securing:

  • Ultimate piece of mind knowing that Melbourne’s most advanced steel house framing team is managing the long lasting primary structure of your new home.
  • Steel frames manufactured in-house using the most advanced engineering and design systems available worldwide.
  • A solutions focused approach to residential projects from a team experienced in all forms of residential framing.
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