Wall Framing

Our wall frames are light, straight and true.

Light Gauge Steel wall frames provide a quick and efficient build that enhances structural integrity while reducing bulk. A Dynamic Steel Frame’s wall frame is durable, accurate and incredibly strong. In fact, our TRUECORE® steel features one of the highest strength to weight ratios of any conventional building product. Plus, it comes with a 50 year corrosion warranty from BlueScope Steel*.

What does this mean for your build?

No packing, planeing or straightening is required because every stud is a good stud. Each frame is manufactured using the most advanced framing system currently available in the world. We combine superior design, engineering software and automated roll formers to produce steel framing with the strength and performance which is unmatched by conventional wood framing systems.

Pre-braced in our factory, each frame delivers flush walls with no protrusions to effect linings. Our steel frames come pre-punched with service holes, saving you on labour associated with drilling.

Why Steel Wall Framing?

Steel frames represent the future of house framing. The benefits of employing Dynamic Steel Frame’s wall frames include:

  • Unlike timber, metal house frames are 100% termite PROOF. You’ll never splash a single dollar on termite treatment or ongoing maintenance.
  • A steel framed house offers added fire protection to your building through its 100% non-combustible composition. The frame of your building will never burn or char, and will never contribute to a fire or smoke production. After a bush fire, steel framing can mean the difference between fixing your home or having to rebuild entirely.
  • Engineered Light Gauge Steel will not rot, warp, twist, bow, shrink or settle over time, so your frame will always look as good as the day it was installed.
  • Steel is the environmental building choice. It’s completely recyclable, although this is rarely a concern given its virtually infinite lifespan.

Why Dynamic Steel Frame

With Dynamic Steel Frame, you can rest assure you’re receiving the most advanced steel framing system available in the world today. Our engineered steel services will provide you with:

  • A comprehensive steel service offering optimised for all segments of the building industry – from tiny scale residential to large scale commercial.
  • Strength and performance engineered into every frame. Our advanced combination of design and engineering software and an automated roll formers produce frames, trusses and joists quickly and accurately.
  • Industry leading, highly experienced teams of qualified experts who can provide you with innovative solutions to your challenges.
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