Townhouse Development

Townhouses are multiple story homes that are often narrow and share a party wall with the neighbouring property. When choosing a frame for your townhouse build, it’s important to consider these unique attributes.

A light gauge steel (LGS) frame offers superior strength and load bearing qualities, while requiring a fraction of the bulk of a timber frame. Our TRUECORE® steel floor joists are manufactured to bear weight from storey to storey.

The construction of a townhouse development typically occurs at a faster pace than a freehold home. As a result, a light, manoeuvrable framework, such as our engineered LGS, is the optimal choice to accommodate strict time frames. Roof trusses can be lifted with one hand, while wall frames can be installed by just two workers. Installation of adjacent metal house frames in a confined space is a breeze with a Dynamic Steel Frame townhouse frame.

Absolute repeatability and accuracy are critical in a high-volume town house project. The BIM design process is accurately reproduced on-site, as the frames are precisely what have been designed by the architect, engineer and our inhouse detailing team.  No on-site mistakes, no decisions on-site.

Dynamic Steel Frame has worked on many townhouse developments with over 115 two and three storey homes produced within just four months for a single site in Keysborough.

Why Steel for Townhouse Development?

Steel is the builder’s choice of the future for metal townhouse framing. It’s robust composition and lightweight formula provides several advantages in townhouse construction, including:

  • Manoeuvrable – a steel frame weighs almost 50% less than a timber frame. It’s easy to transport and install on-site, which is a saving grace on large scale townhouse developments.
  • Long lasting – steel frames are longer lasting, add value to your property and provide impeccable quality. Their resistance to termite, rot, twisting, and warping saves substantially on maintenance and upgrade costs in the long run. Steel can also survive in the rain for prolonged periods without changing shape or rotting. This means the frame can be installed well ahead of the roofing or other items to help speed up the build.
  • Eco friendly – a townhouse development can encompass anywhere from two to two hundred town homes. The drain on timber resources to deliver such a large scale project would be substantial. Steel offers a 100% recyclable alternative. It creates zero waste and is actually the world’s most recycled material.

Why Dynamic Steel Frame

When beginning your townhouse journey, it’s important to partner with a manufacturer who has experience in the intricacies of steel townhouse framing. Dynamic Steel Frame has decades of combined experience under its belt. We’ve worked on complex and innovative townhouse projects to bring you:

  • Advanced experience delivering Australia’s first and only four-storey steel frame house.
  • A world class combination of design and engineering software and an automated roll former to produce frames that deliver from day one.
  • A keen understanding of the unique challenges facing townhouse framing and a commitment to finding innovative solutions to deliver excellence.
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