Steel frames have been used in commercial developments for decades. The rigidity, strength and customisation of steel frames have long made them the material of choice for commercial framing.

Dynamic Steel Frame specialises in high quality commercial framing of varying degrees. We’ve delivered everything from education to health care, childcare, aged care and retirement projects, to sports pavilions and mezzanines.

Our depth of experience has established us a leading specialist in the complex process of top storey replacement of structural steel roof framing.

We prefabricate each of our commercial frames, including floor joists, wall frames and roof trusses. The precision and accuracy of our product coupled with the frames lightweight formula drastically reduces assembly time. On a worksite, this translates into a massive reduction in crane time, number of trades on-site and delays between each trade.

We were recently recognised for our outstanding façade framework on the Morwell Government Hub. In conjunction with Industry Cladding, we received an Australian Steel Institute (ASI) Steel 2020 Victorian Steel Excellence Award.

Why Steel for Commercial?

Light gauge steel (LGS) framing was first adopted by the commercial industry for its superior qualities over alternative materials. It has remained the framework of choice by commercial builders for the following reasons:

  • Reduced labour time – the biggest advantage of employing steel frames in your commercial build is the significant time saving. Frames and trusses are lighter and quicker to erect. They come pre-fabricated so no time is lost sorting to select suitable pieces. And the precision of frames means there is no need to straighten or adjust once on-site.
  • Endurance – in comparison to wood frames, steel has a higher resistance to deterioration. Steel frames are not going to warp or rot, nor will termites ever pose a threat. Our BLUESCOPE steel is also coated in a zinc-aluminium-magnesium alloy to prevent corrosion.
  • Precision – steel frames are celebrated for the precision and straight lines that are provided. In a commercial build, this is crucial. You can rest assured your structural integrity will remain pristine for decades ahead.

Why Dynamic Steel Frame

Dynamic Steel Frame has worked on a breadth of commercial framing projects across Victoria. Over the years we’ve honed our manufacturing services to provide a first class offering to the commercial building sector. As a result, we can provide:

  • A trusted team of steel framing experts who can collaborate with you to achieve remarkable design outcomes for commercial projects of all scales.
  • LGS frame fabrication produced using the most advanced framing system available in the world today.
  • Quick turn arounds and precise frames to reduce down time on-site and enhance overall efficiency.
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