Façade Framing

Façade systems consist of structural elements that provide weather, thermal, acoustic and fire resistance properties. Dynamic Steel Frame utilises light gauge steel (LGS) framing for its advanced performance and customisation properties. Steel is the ultimate option for external façades thanks to its ability to support a wide range of industrial and commercial cladding panels.

Light gauge façade frames have a unique ability to be clad in varying materials including insulated render, large boards, metallic panels and even terracotta tiles. The result is an endless array of façade treatments, shapes and structures that can be devised – the only limit is your creative vision.

Dynamic Steel Frame can offer steel framing for façade blades, balustrades and even curved and inclined walls. We can even pre-fabricate LGS panels with their cladding pre-attached in order reduce expensive on-site labour costs.

Dynamic Steel Frame has been involved in the construction of numerous high-performance, high-value façade systems. Most recently we were awarded an Australian Steel Institute (ASI) Steel 2020 Victorian Steel Excellence Award (in conjunction with Industry Cladding & Roofing) for our work on the Morwell GovHub façade installation. This project featured the manufacture of the world’s largest light gauge steel-clad façade modules

Why Steel Framing for Façades?

  • Safety – the strength of steel combined with its non-combustible qualities achieves a high resistance to natural disaster events such as fires, earthquakes, and hurricanes. As the outermost layer of your building, this safety barricade can mean the difference between repairing and rebuilding your structure.
  • Customisation – due to its strength, Light Gauge Steel can span longer lengths, allowing for larger panels and increased design flexibility.
  • Weatherable – our TRUECORE® steel is engineered to endure rain, rust, and rot, providing low maintenance longevity against the elements. Even termites don’t stand a chance.

Why Dynamic Steel Frame

When you engage Dynamic Steel Frame on your façade delivery, you’ll be working with an award-winning team of steel framing specialists. Our depth of industry experience allows us to provide you with the following advantages:

  • Demonstrated experience delivering high quality façade framing to across all sectors of commercial and residential construction.
  • Extremely accurate an innovate façade fabrication that elevates the appearance and functionality of your structure.
  • An expert level of detailing skill and personal service delivered on your most important investments.
  • A world leading approach to steel frame manufacturing, merging design and engineering software with an automated rollformer to produce flawless steel house frames.
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