Floor Joists

Steel floor joists are both lightweight and high strength. They offer long-term stability as a crucial component to any metal house frame. Their robust composition makes them one of the most cost-effective building solutions on the market.

Dynamic Steel Frame produces light gauge steel (LGS) floor joists with customisable sizes for a range of projects. Our steel joists are available from 200mm up to 600mm, and come in spans up to 8 metres.

Our steel floor joists are all double screwed for strength, durability and robustness and university tested for peace of mind. With innovative ways of setting a floor and using the inherent strength of a steel joist, we can help reduce heavy structural steel.

Greater design customisation is afforded when employing steel framing floor joists. A high strength-to-weight ratio reduces reliance on internal load bearing walls and columns. The result is an improved flooring flow and precise finish that other materials struggle to achieve.

Why Steel Floor Joists?

Steel floor joists have become an increasingly popular choice for our Victorian builders and clients. Unlike their timber counterparts, steel floor joists offer a range of structural benefits including:

  • Durability – TRUECORE® light gauge steel floor joist have a high resistance to deterioration. They will never rot, warp, shrink or sag – and better yet, they’ll never attract or harbour a single termite!
  • Ease of use – steel floor joists are super quick and easy to install. Arriving pre-fabricated and customised to your design, you’ll make substantial savings on otherwise lengthy labour costs.
  • Optimised for outdoor use – our light gauge steel frames are protected with a coating of zinc-aluminium-magnesium alloy to protects the exposed steel edge against corrosion. Made to the highest building industry standards, this is a key reason why our steel house frames are the superior choice for longevity and low maintenance.
  • Flexible – You’ll never have to compromise design for practicality with steel flooring joists. The increased span of steel framing reduces the number of load bearing columns required, allowing greater flexibility for flooring flow.


Why Dynamic Steel Frame

If you’re looking for Melbourne’s leading provider of steel flooring joists, look no further than Dynamic Steel Frame. Our trusted team of experts specialise in the advanced engineering of steel floor joists to provide you with:

  • A trusted product with strength and durability engineered into its fabric using world class manufacturing systems.
  • A cost effective, environmentally friendly building choice that comes with a 50 year warranty provided by TRUECORE® steel.
  • An experienced-backed approach to delivering bespoke solutions that overcome any project challenges you may face.
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