Tiny Houses

Sustainable, affordable housing made from recyclable materials – introducing tiny houses!

Tiny houses are low impact on the environment and centred around flexibility and freedom. Their miniature design is often no bigger than 37 square metres, and typically built on wheels. When building a structure where flexibility and space saving is crucial, there is no better framing option than light gauge steel (LGS).

LGS is light weight, easy to manipulate, strong and can be pre-fabricated fast. Tiny homes made from LGS are around half the weight of a tiny home made from wood. And what it lacks in weight, it makes up for in durability.

A Dynamic Steel Frame tiny house frame is a clear choice when selecting framing material when considering fire prone areas, termite damage and rust. Impervious to environmental damage, steel frames are also more rigid, and will not warp, twist, rot, bow or shrink over time.

Light gauge steel is a much lighter product than wood, making it easier to work with to build your tiny home.

Why Steel for Tiny Houses?

Tiny houses can be built from either timber or metal house frames. While both are viable options, there are significant advantages to choosing a LGS frame over wood, including:

  • Light weight – steel frames are much lighter than timber frames – almost 50% lighter to be precise. Australia has a 4.5 tonne weight restriction for towing on Australian roads. If you want to make the most of your weight allowance, a steel frame is the clear choice.
  • Durable – the precise engineering of our frames ensures they aren’t affected by the vibrations of transport or movement with shifting ground. The added bonus is that steel doesn’t shrink or rot, and termites will never be an issue!
  • Recyclable – steel is a great eco-conscious choice for the construction of your tiny house frame. It is 100% recyclable, does not contribute to deforestation and produces zero waste in fabrication.

Why Dynamic Steel Frame

At Dynamic Steel Frame, we are passionate about delivering innovative tiny house designs for our clients. Our specialist experience in manufacturing tiny homes allows us to provide you with:

  • A proficiency for delivering the highest quality blue steel framing services optimised for intricate projects.
  • A durable product manufactured using a world leading system combining design and engineering software with automated rollformer.
  • Complete tiny home fabrication using TRUESCOPE steel to produce roof trusses, wall frames and panels, and floor joists efficiently and accurately.
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