Australian Steel Excellence Awards 2022

Dynamic Steel Frame are proud to announce we are the winners of the ‘Most Innovative Cold Formed Steel Building’ at the ASI Excellence Awards 2022! with our Grattan street façade project.

We loved how the building sloped back from the street to enable light to get to the playground below and the way that the light gauge steel framing was able to faithfully produce the architectural intent.

The challenge we had was enabling the facade to rake back from the street, whilst being accurate and also allowing for deflection in the slab across seven different levels of the building.

Our detailer Brandan Verzantvoort spent a lot of time on this project, ensuring that everything was as per design.

Light gauge steel worked incredibly well and was critical to the success of this project. With our automated roll formers and very high-tech design software we were able scallop the floor joist style members over the edge of the slab both top and bottom then insert bracketry exactly where required. This ensured that onsite it was a simple process of bolting on the brackets and then bolting the brackets to the frames.

Winning this award make us very proud!

This project embodies everything light gauge steel has to offer!

Award - Winner, innovative cold form steel building. 2022 Victoria steel excellence awards

Project Team

Developer: Little Projects
Architect: Plus Architecture
Steel Fabricator: Dynamic Steel Frame
Façade Engineer: Inhabit Group
Structural Engineer: Structerre Consulting
Builder: Cobild Construction & Bolt Blue Constructions
Steel Supplier: Truecore Steel

Location: Prahran, Victoria

209 Chapel Road, Keysborough

Dynamic Steel Frame has been working to produce these wonderful townhouses in keysborough for a year now.

This project used approximately 155,000 lineal meters of Truecore Steel.

These frames have gone up exceptionally fast, and the townhouses are now on their way to completion.

Also check out these frames leaving our factory on their way for delivery to 209 Chapel Road, Keysborough !!

Tiny House Delivery

Dynamic Steel Frame take on tiny house delivery.

Last year the team at Dynamic Steel Frame took a journey from Dandenong to Williamstown to deliver these 3 tiny houses for Treehab.

Watch as team DSF take the roads of Melbourne to make this delivery.

Lighter. Straighter. Better. Tiny Delivery

Everlea Keysborough

Check out the Everlea Keysborough project from above!

This is Victoria’s largest light gauge steel frame townhouse site to date.

A huge 116 Townhouses using approx. 400,000 lineal meters of Truecore Steel.

Lighter. Straighter. Better. Best.

Tiny House Assembly

Who doesn’t love a tiny house!

Here is a time lapse of three Tiny Houses we assembled in one day.

Take a look into how quickly a tiny house frame made with Truecore steel can be erected.

Lighter. Straighter. Better. Tiny.

St Georges Video

This top level development with an incredible view, showcases approximately 11,150 lineal meters of Truecore steel.

“I have loved every aspect of detailing this job, although it came with it’s challenges. From resolving the fire rating issues to changing the direction of the box gutter, accommodating the valleys and changing the roof design. This job will forever be my Mona Lisa.”
– Chandima, Detailer

Plenty Road, South Morang

Plenty Rd, South Morang. This townhouse development has now been completed.

This project went up in a timely manner and has turned out a treat!

Showcasing approximately 122,000 lineal meters of Truecore Steel accross the entire project.

Plenty road townhouses consist of 44 double story units.


We are very excited to release our updated company profile video!

Please enjoy watching as much as we have enjoyed manufacturing the frames to be shown in it!

Take a look as our director Peter Blythe walks you around our factory. Meet some of our team and get an insight of what we do here at Dynamic Steel Frame.

Lighter. Straighter. Better.

Dynamic Steel Frame – New Company Video

Dynamic Steel Frame is a customer focused light gauge steel frame manufacturer based in Melbourne, Australia.

Using Australian Truecore Steel.