Light gauge steel takes new heights!

Dynamic Steel Frame’s talented detailers and manufacturing team came together to create the first ever light gauge steel X-Wing fighter this year for may the 4th.

The X-Wing was then sent out for flight on the day!

Check out the video below!

Introducing HYPERSPAN!

Hyperspan is a revolutionary new addition to the steel fabrication sector. This ultra-lightweight Dynamic Steel Frame product is specially engineered to replace heavy structural steel elements. Ideal for lightweight builds, the Hyperspan frame’s unique design makes it the strongest lightweight option available on the market.

Image of the inner workings of the hyperspan machine at Dynamic steel frame

We custom fabricate our Hyperspan product in our factory using the most advanced framing system available in the world. Combining design and engineering software and an automated roll former, our Hyperspan strength to weight ratio is second to none.

Our lightweight steel beam and flooring system is the perfect replacement for bulky structural steel. Its sturdy composition reduces the demand for large volumes of structural steel commonly used in commercial and residential projects.  The result is a reduction in installation times due to its easy handling and removal of rigging and welding requirements.

Hyperspan is a popular framing choice on high volume townhouse sites. Many builders favour the efficiency and durability that technology guarantees.

Hyperspan is both lightweight and high strength. Our flooring system and can be used on both ground and multi-level floors of commercial and residential builds.

Hyperspan is quick and easy to install reducing onsite labour costs and is customisable for each individual project.

Manufactured with flared pre-punched service holes Hyperspan allows for services including plumbing and electrical to be installed without modifications or damages from sharp edges.

Hyperspan is specially engineered to replace heavy structural steel elements, increasing site productivity and lessening environmental impact. This lightweight beam is the solution to the LVL shortage. 

With spans of up 7.5 meters long, Hyperspan serves as the longest spanning system in Victoria.

Wanna reduce bulky structural steel elements?

Call the team to discuss how you can utilise Hyperspan in your next project.

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Light Gauge Steel – Cyclone Strong

There is a reason steel frames are emerging as the way of the future for the construction industry. The rigidity, strength and customisation of steel frames have made them the material of choice for all framing needs.

The below images show the impact caused by Tropical cyclone Ilsa, when winds of 288km/h ripped through the Pardoo Roadhouse in Western Australia. Fortunately the frames were left standing. This demonstrates how durable a light gauge steel frame is. If this building had been constructed out of timber frames, you can almost guarantee there would be nothing left standing. Causing the rebuild process to cost more than it would if you use light gauge steel frames.

Damage to the Pardoo roadhouse after cyclone Ilsa tore through WA.

Benefits to using light gauge steel:

  • Disaster resistant – Your building will remain a quality piece of architecture even through the toughest natural elements. Steel is completely non-combustible material, so your frames won’t burn, char or contribute to the spread of a fire. It’s also coated in a zinc-aluminium alloy to resist rusting. After a bush fire, steel frames can be the difference between fixing your building or having to rebuild entirely.
  • Unlike timber, steel frames are 100% termite proof. No termite treatment or ongoing maintenance required.
  • Engineered light gauge steel will not rot, warp, twist, bow or shrink over time, so your frame will always look as good as the day it was installed.
  • Steel is the environmental building choice. It’s completely recyclable, although this is rarely required given its infinite lifespan

Why choose Dynamic Steel Frame?

A Dynamic Steel Frame’s wall frame is durable, accurate and incredibly strong. In fact, our TRUECORE® steel features one of the highest strength to weight ratios of any conventional building product. Plus, it comes with a 50 year corrosion warranty from BlueScope Steel*.

 We combine superior design, engineering software and automated roll formers to produce steel framing with the strength and performance which is unmatched by conventional wood framing systems.

Over time, your building retains the same superb quality it was delivered with, eliminating upkeep and maintenance costs. What’s more, large span of LGS allows for greater creative freedom when designing your building, compared to timber.

So when your looking for high quality light gauge steel frames for your next build. Call the team to discuss.

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