Timber or steel roof trusses – which is right for me?

All structures must have adequate roof support, and while rafters used to be the standard choice for most residential buildings, roof trusses are increasing in popularity.

Roof trusses are incredibly strong and quick to install, and effectively transmit all the weight to the building’s exterior walls, relieving load bearing from the interior walls. Whether you are constructing a residential or commercial building, it is important to select the right roof trusses for your project.

To help you make the choice between timber and steel roof trusses, we have prepared a simple guide.

Timber trusses

Wooden trusses are generally cheaper than steel trusses, however they don’t last as long.

Timber is a natural material, it cannot stand up to the elements as well as steel. Timber trusses may warp and bow over time, which can cause structural damage to the rest of the building.

Wood is also susceptible to rot and insect infestations.

Timber trusses are also more likely than steel to be damaged in wild weather conditions.

Despite these risks, many opt for timber frames because they seem more economical.

Steel trusses

Steel roof trusses are usually more expensive than wooden trusses, but you can expect them to last a lot longer.

Chemical treatments aren’t needed to maintain the frame and insect infestations aren’t a risk.

They are also lightweight, making them easier and quicker to transport and install.

What’s more, steel frames can be recycled easily. Steel is a good choice for the environmentally conscious home or business owner.

Although steel frame roof trusses require more skill to install, an experienced team should be able to fit your steel trusses quickly and efficiently.

Image of a steel roof truss

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