Amara Townhouses: Alvina St, Oakleigh

Amara Townhouses, Oakleigh is one of the neatest sites we’ve been on. This 96, 3 story townhouse development is on its way to completion.

Check out the progress this site has made since our first flight back in April 2022. With stages 3 and 4 of this build now nearing completion.

What we love at Dynamic Steel Frame is the precision we are able to achieve using our industry best practice design and development process, rigid adherence to robust engineering principles and an undying passion for creating frames as efficiently as possible.

Peter Blythe – Managing Director

DSF’s detailer Minh, worked with the client to ensure expectations of this project were met, both in timeframe and also design. Below he speaks further on how this was achieved.

What did you enjoy about detailing this project?

Being the main detailer for this project was a great experience. I love seeing my frame designs gradually take shape on site stage by stage. It always amazes me seeing the transformation from 3D model to then becoming a reality on the empty block of land with the variable designs throughout the 96 houses.

Minh – Detailer

Were there any issue’s you came across in the detailing process? How did you overcome this?

There were 2 main issue’s I had with this project

  1. Sometimes the frames are installed incorrectly on site due to so many similar designs. Unfortunately mistakes are made when the wrong layout is used for that particular lot, or dimensions are misread on the plans. In some cases, installers forget to install beams or blocking in between joists to support above load bearing walls. To solve this problem – a report from building surveyor will tells us which part of the building has not been installed as per plan provided by DSF. If something relates to our design or engineering, I have to contact our engineer to get their advice and re-detail that particular part to suit on site condition.
  2. Changing of original plans after finalisation of the design and stamp drawing from engineer (for example : adding additional windows/relocating doors/adding a roof hot water system / changing dimensions from architectural plan). For this issue, I was required to re-detail to suit clients request and provide them a numerical plan. This particular job went through 5-6 design changes before it was finalised.
Minh – Detailer

Were you able to meet client expectations?

Yes, one of the biggest expectations from the builder was to complete all 96 house (approx. 20 different designs) within 3-4 months. I was able to finish the design milestones earlier than expect. This included last minute design changes. 

Minh – Detailer

Are there any design features that stood out to you?

Yes , the design of Lot 52-56. It is an amazing design from the architect and DSF was able to achieve the design needs. A special portal frame has been used to achieve this design and ensure the structural integrity of the building. The portal frame lands on LGS to support a portion of flooring on level 2 (see photo below)

Minh – Detailer

Also hear from Tarik, Director from CNS who installed Dynamic’s frames on-site for this project and Project Manager Chris from Balmain & Co.

How has working with DSF’s frames on the Amara project been?

Extremely well designed and easy to install correctly and to engineers specifications.

Tarik- Director of CNS steel framing

What advantages does steel framing provide when constructing townhouse developments, specifically Amara?

The speed in which blocks of multiple townhouses can be erected. Additionally, the accuracy we can provide onsite to the original designs and scope.

Tarik- Director of CNS steel framing

How does DSF’s approach to BIM 3D modelling assist your team onsite when erecting our steel frames?

Whenever we come across a semi-complex connection that we have to get right, we cross check our installation method with the layouts, elevations and BIM 3D models.

Tarik- Director of CNS steel framing

Was DSF able to meet your project’s time frame?

In stage 1 (lots 3 – 20) we had some issues receiving frames when requird however this was early 2022 and labour issues were severly affecting the construction industry. From lots 21 – 96 there were no issues receiving deliveries when required

Chris – Project Manager, Balmain & Co

What benefits does steel framing provide when constructing a townhouse development?

Less mess, lighter frames, straighter walls. 

Chris – Project Manager, Balmain & Co

Were there issues that arose during the project? How was the team at DSF able to provide a positive result to the issue?

On a few occasions incorrect detailing resulted in issues on site. Dynamic either promptly sent new frames or accepted the costs for rectification works to be carried out on their behalf. 

Chris – Project Manager, Balmain & Co
Flight 1
Flight 2
Flight 3
Flight 4

151 Chapel Road

151 Chapel Road Keysborough consists of 56 townhouses and approximately 250,000 lineal meters of TRUECORE® light gauge steel framing.

Dynamic Steel Frame has been working on this recently completed townhouse development for a year now.

Our detailer Dai worked closely with the client to ensure the best outcome for this project. Below he speaks on some key points from this project.

Are there any houses that stood out to you? What is your favourite design features?

Type F – unit 56 is a unique design. This particular type was one that was not repeated across the project. It’s got the largest amount of steelwork and the most complicated hip roof design compared to the rest. Saddle trusses were used to achieve the architectural intent, as well as making for easy installation onsite.

Dai – Detailer

What was your favourite and least favourite part of the design?

The design of a hip roof is always challenging. This can either be the most or lest favourite part of any design. It was a very challenging aspect of this project, but it was very satisfying to see it work so well onsite, once completed.

Dai – Detailer

How did you manage the potential material delays and client expectations?

We work very closely with our client’s in every project. However in a large townhouse project like this one it is essential! I had efficient discussions with the client’s draftsperson on the design intent which helped to minimise unnecessary rectification of frames onsite. Communication with the site manager assisted with anticipating the production workload along with site demand. With this we managed to deliver frames within the clients requested schedule.”

Dai- Detailer

Drone view of 151 chapel road keysborough site. Progress flight 3.

Check out the below video’s of 151 chapel road and the progress of this site from flight one to flight six.

Flight 1 – Check out this 56 townhouse development in Keysborough. Using approx. 250,000 lineal meters of Truecore Steel.
Lighter. Straighter. Better.
Second flight of this 56 townhouse development in Keysborough. Using approx. 250,000 lineal meters of Truecore Steel.
Lighter. Straighter. Better. Best.
Flight number three of this 56 townhouse development. Check out the progress that has been made! Lighter. Straighter. Better.
Flight number four of this 56 townhouse development. Check out the progress that has been made!
Lighter. Straighter. Better..
Flight number five of this 56 townhouse development. Check out the progress that has been made! This site is now nearing completion.
Lighter. Straighter. Better.
Sixth and final flight of this 56 townhouse development. Check out the progress that has been made! This site’s framing is now completed. Lighter. Straighter. Better.

209 Chapel Road, Keysborough

Dynamic Steel Frame has been working to produce these wonderful townhouses in keysborough for a year now.

This project used approximately 155,000 lineal meters of Truecore Steel.

These frames have gone up exceptionally fast, and the townhouses are now on their way to completion.

Also check out these frames leaving our factory on their way for delivery to 209 Chapel Road, Keysborough !!

Tiny House Assembly

Who doesn’t love a tiny house!

Here is a time lapse of three Tiny Houses we assembled in one day.

Take a look into how quickly a tiny house frame made with Truecore steel can be erected.

Lighter. Straighter. Better. Tiny.

St Georges Video

This top level development with an incredible view, showcases approximately 11,150 lineal meters of Truecore steel.

“I have loved every aspect of detailing this job, although it came with it’s challenges. From resolving the fire rating issues to changing the direction of the box gutter, accommodating the valleys and changing the roof design. This job will forever be my Mona Lisa.”
– Chandima, Detailer

Plenty Road, South Morang

Plenty Rd, South Morang. This townhouse development has now been completed.

This project went up in a timely manner and has turned out a treat!

Showcasing approximately 122,000 lineal meters of Truecore Steel accross the entire project.

Plenty road townhouses consist of 44 double story units.


We are very excited to release our updated company profile video!

Please enjoy watching as much as we have enjoyed manufacturing the frames to be shown in it!

Take a look as our director Peter Blythe walks you around our factory. Meet some of our team and get an insight of what we do here at Dynamic Steel Frame.

Lighter. Straighter. Better.

Dynamic Steel Frame – New Company Video

Dynamic Steel Frame is a customer focused light gauge steel frame manufacturer based in Melbourne, Australia.

Using Australian Truecore Steel.