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Revolutionising Compact Living – The rise of light gauge steel in tiny house construction

In recent years, the concept of compact living has captured the imagination of individuals seeking a simpler, more sustainable way of living. Tiny houses, have become a popular choice for those who prioritise minimalism, affordability, and environmental sustainability. Whilst traditional building materials have long been associated with tiny house construction, the versatility and durability of light gauge steel is reshaping the landscape of compact living.

The Strength of Truecore Steel

At the core of lies the inherent strength of TRUECORE® steel. Unlike traditional wood framing, light gauge steel offers superior durability and resilience. It’s resistance to pests, fire, and decay makes TRUECORE® steel an ideal choice for constructing tiny houses that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also built to withstand the test of time.

Design Freedom and Precision

One of the key advantages of light gauge steel in tiny house construction is the design flexibility it provides. With precise 3D modeling technology, architects and builders can create intricate and innovative designs that maximize space utilisation. The precision of light gauge steel allows for tight tolerances, ensuring a seamless fit and finish.

Sustainable Building Practices

Light gauge steel’s eco-friendly characteristics make it a frontrunner in the quest for sustainable building practices. Made from recycled material and fully recyclable at the end of its life cycle, light gauge steel minimises environmental impact. Additionally, its longevity and resistance to wear reduce the need for frequent maintenance or replacements, further contributing to sustainable living.

Thermal Efficiency

Beyond its structural advantages, light gauge steel provides excellent thermal efficiency. This is crucial for maintaining a comfortable living environment in tiny homes. With proper insulation, light gauge steel structures can significantly reduce energy consumption, making them an energy-efficient choice.

Efficient Construction Process

The efficiency of constructing tiny houses with light gauge steel is undeniable. The lightweight nature of the material facilitates quicker assembly, translating into shorter construction times. This not only reduces labor costs but also allows homeowners to move into their tiny abodes much sooner.

The Future of Tiny Living

As the tiny house movement continues to gain momentum, the role of light gauge steel in shaping the future of compact living cannot be ignored. It’s unique combination of strength, design flexibility, sustainability, and efficiency positions light gauge steel as a frontrunner in the evolution of tiny house construction.

Tiny house frame produced and installed by DSF's Production team in only 4 hours
Tiny house frame produced and installed by DSF’s Production team in only 4 hours

In summary, the rise of light gauge steel in the construction of tiny houses represents a pivotal milestone in the exploration of innovative and sustainable living solutions. Additionally, with the increasing desire for small, environmentally friendly homes, TRUECORE® steel’s light gauge steel stands as a beacon of durability and design excellence.

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The year that was 2023!

As another year comes to a close and we get ready for the year to follow, let’s look back on the highlights from 2023.


This past year we have yet again completed a wide array of projects. From large townhouse developments through to high-end residential and commercial builds.

Some of the townhouse developments completed include

Project Bordeaux

Dynamic Steel frame provided both light gauge and structural steel for Project Bordeaux by Elation Homes. A high-end build on Neville street, Bentleigh.

This build showcases the advantages of using light gauge steel in high-end projects, specifically referring to the undeniably straight walls, magnificent curved details and large open spaces.

Latest Innovation

This year Dynamic Steel Frame introduced a new product to the light gauge steel industry. Hyperspan™ systems, a lighweight beam and flooring system developed to replace bulky structural steel. Hyperspan’s strength to weight ratio is second to none.

Hyperspan™ has become a popular framing choice on high volume townhouse sites. Many builders favour the efficiency an durability that technology guarantees.

Hyperspan flooring system
Hyperspan™ flooring system installed on-site for a new
townhouse development in Williamstown

“The feedback from our clients and installers has been extremely positive. The desired effect of increased on-site productivity, production speeds and reduced raw material usage has been achieved.”

Peter Blythe – Managing Director


In August managing director Peter Blythe and the team at Dynamic Steel Frame were recognised for our ongoing dedication and involvement in the light gauge steel manufacturing industry, at the 21st Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame Awards gala dinner.

Although Dynamic Steel Frame didn’t take out the first prize, being top three in the state amongst some pretty tough competition is something to be proud of.

Peter Blythe and some of the team from Dynamic Steel Frame

“As a business owner, I’m incredibly proud of our team, who perform at the top of their game day in, day out. Watching their development is a constant source of pride and motivation for me, and it’s incredibly rewarding to see how far we have come in just 11 years”

Peter Blythe – Managing Director

Australia’s Favourite Renovation Show

Season 19 of Australia’s favourite renovation show, managing director Peter Blythe returned with TRUECORE® steel for this years retro renovations on Charming Street, Hampton.

Framing the studio and second storey additions with TRUECORE® steel and assisting contestants in utilising TRUECORE® steel throughout the building process.

This year was all about the curves. Curves over beds, curved air conditioning ductwork & coved ceilings. Creating these architectural additions in light gauge steel ensures that the lines are laser straight.

Peter Blythe seen on the block explaining adjustable noggins to the contestants of house 3

Trade Night

In September, Dynamic Steel Frame and Ideal Fasteners held a trade night in conjunction with TRUECORE® steel and NASH to introduce our latest technologies and innovations to the light gauge industry.

Showcasing our recently produced brick piers for a façade project with Cobild, BIM 3D models and our latest innovation Hyperspan™.

This night was a great opportunity for clients to see how utilising these new products in their next build can take their projects to the next level.

The team at Dynamic Steel Frame would like to thank all of our clients, friends and supporters for another fantastic year. We are excited to see what 2024 has install for us all, and cant wait for the incredible projects ahead.

Phone: 03 9701 7342

That’s a wrap 2022

As the year nears it’s end and we prepare for the year ahead, let’s take a look back at some of the highlights of 2022 for Dynamic Steel Frame.

Dynamic Steel Frame 2022 Highlights

Over this past year we have completed many projects from large townhouse developments through to single residential dwellings. Each project being unique and different to the last.

Highlights - Check out our video from St Georges terrace, Fitzroy
St Georges Terrace, Fitzroy

This year we completed 4 large Townhouse developments working with SAW Constructions.

These projects included:

Highlights - Aerial view of the 40 townhouse development at McCormick Rise, Cranbourne West.
McCormick Rise, Cranbourne West.

In June, we partnered with Skysight to film our updated company video, in celebration of DSF turning 10!

Dynamic Steel Frame – Company Profile Video 22

Dynamic Steel Frame’s managing director Peter Blythe also returned to Australia’s favourite renovation show this year. Helping the Blockheads frame their new pavilions with TRUECORE Steel and COLORBOND Steel. Bringing the vision to life of Julian Brenchley (The Block architect).

Pushing the boundaries of height and spans, DSF was able to produce a great rendition of structural intent versus architectural intent.

“Every year when Dynamic Steel Frame completes The Block, we are left with a great sense of pride and achievement”

Peter Blythe, Managing Director

It was a pleasure working with everyone involved with this years production!

Highlights - Peter Blythe, Managing Director at Dynamic Steel Frame on site at The Block.
The Block 2022

Finally we have ended our year as winners, accepting the award for ‘Innovative cold formed steel buildings’ at the recent Australian Steel Excellence Awards Gala in Sydney for our Grattan street façade project.

This project embodies everything light gauge steel has to offer! A huge congratulations to all who were apart of this project.

Highlights - Peter Blythe, Managing Director at Dynamic Steel Frame with John Shayler, National President, NASH.
Peter Blythe, Managing Director at Dynamic Steel Frame with John Shayler, National President, NASH

The team at Dynamic Steel Frame would like to thank all of our clients, friends and supporters for yet another fantastic year. We look forward to what this new year of 2023 has install for us all!


We are very excited to release our updated company profile video!

Please enjoy watching as much as we have enjoyed manufacturing the frames to be shown in it!

Take a look as our director Peter Blythe walks you around our factory. Meet some of our team and get an insight of what we do here at Dynamic Steel Frame.

Lighter. Straighter. Better.

Dynamic Steel Frame – New Company Video

Dynamic Steel Frame is a customer focused light gauge steel frame manufacturer based in Melbourne, Australia.

Using Australian Truecore Steel.