Light Gauge Steel Framing

Dynamic Steel Frame uses the most advanced light gauge steel framing system available in the world today. Combining design and engineering software with an automated rollformer to produce wall frames, roof trusses, floor joists and panels quickly and accurately. With our extensive experience and unmatched knowledge base we offer innovative solutions to your challenges.

Light gauge steel frame townhouses, at our McCormick Rise project, in Cranbourne West

Why light gauge steel framing?

Steel frames represent the future of house framing.

  • Unlike timber, metal house frames are 100% termite PROOF. You’ll never splash a single dollar on termite treatment or ongoing maintenance.
  • A steel framed house offers added fire protection to your building through its 100% non-combustible composition. After a bush fire, steel framing can mean the difference between fixing your home or having to rebuild entirely.
  • Durability – TRUECORE® light gauge steel floor joist have a high resistance to deterioration. They will never rot, warp, shrink or sag.
  • Steel is the environmental building choice. It’s completely recyclable, although this is rarely a concern given its virtually infinite lifespan.
  • Lightweight – the metal’s lightweight formula makes it a dream to transport and install. Weighing almost half that of timber, steel trusses can be lifted into place using a single hand.

Why Dynamic Steel Frame?

With Dynamic Steel Frame, you can rest assure you’re receiving the most advanced steel framing system available in the world today.

  • A comprehensive steel service offering optimised for all segments of the building industry – from tiny scale residential to large scale commercial.
  • Strength and performance engineered into every frame. Our advanced combination of design and engineering software and an automated roll formers produce frames, trusses and joists quickly and accurately.
  • Industry leading, highly experienced team of qualified experts who can provide you with innovative solutions to your challenges.
  • We aren’t afraid to push the bounds of conventional builds, offering you the freedom to achieve a design free from constraints.
  • A cost effective, environmentally friendly building choice that comes with a 50 year warranty provided by TRUECORE® steel.

If you want to use TRUECORE® steel for your next project, contact the team at to get your project underway.

Overlay of one of our Sketchfab models on the final build. Shows that our 3D models are digital twins of what to be expected on site. Reducing on-site errors.
Overlay of one of our Sketchfab models on the final build.

“Turning architectural intent and into reality!”

– Peter Blythe, Managing Director