Watch The Fawkner House Display Suite Come To Life!

We are always talking about the precision and straight lines that steel can provide, but how amazing are the curves we can also achieve!

Dynamic Steel Frame love working with clients to create ergonomic shapes. Finding solutions for the unique designs brought to us has become a passion for the design team.

Steel has the surprising ability to de-risk, speed up and keep cost certainty in any project. Making it the perfect solution to all your construction needs.

Video of Fawkner House Display Suite design and finished product below, watch it come to life!

This project is located on Toorak Road, West South Yarra.

We have also managed to remove all structural steel from this project. Reducing costs and weight in the frame. Using Hyperspan technology can almost completely eliminate it.

Finished curved wall on Fawkner House

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Lighter. Straighter. Better. Curvier!